My speciality is to understand a company's values and principles and reinterpret them through the prism of botanical ingredients to build brand value and loyalty with the customer while creating efficacious products with plants at their core. 

This can mean a blue sky approach to brand values, research and selection of ingredients for products, simply research into existing ingredients and reinterpretation of their story, and the full spectrum inbetween. The ability of botanicals to impact on every aspect of a product's life is reflected in the breadth and depth of my skills matrix.

Product Development

From proposing plant ingredients around which to develop a range, to identifying a botanical answer to a specific activity desired within a formulation, to resourcing an ingredient to strengthen a marketing message and enable the making of claims, I have extensive experience working on developments at all stages.

Marketing & Content Creation

Botanicals power efficacy in lots of product areas, but if you aren't communicating these benefits to your customer in an effective way, you're missing a trick. From pack to social media and all of the marketing decisions and content creation in between, I can work within the current legislative environment to help you to use botanical ingredients to tell a compelling story that reflects your brand.

Training & Training Materials

Training is a critical aspect of maximising the benefit of the botanical message and getting the internal buy in that powers sales success and the integration of a new product into an existing range or brand. I am skilled at delivering the message and added value that enables the team to create 'hooks' on which to hang their new knowledge, whether in person, on film, or on paper.

Media & PR

Fully media trained, I am comfortable in situations from one on one to an audience of hundreds in a lecture hall or at an event, including experience appearing live on radio and television. I have extensive experience of working with PR agencies to build a rapport with journalists and drive the interest in products that results in editorial coverage.


what I Do